For every beginning there is an end, and for every end, there is a beginning.

On April 3, 2008, nearly four years ago, I moved to New York City. In my effort to move on with my life from the psychotic relationship I was just in, I moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn.

There on Knickerbocker Avenue, I was living on the second story of a building whose hallways hadn’t been cleaned in months. Possibly years. Wires were sticking out of burnt out holes in the kitchen. No heat. Rats. A roommate who owed thousands in rent. This was my new sanctuary.

My corner view bedroom overlooked the city, and most importantly, the Deli where we could buy weed. Latino dance music blasted from car windows at all hours of the day. Ice cream trucks came out in the middle of the night, always playing the same tedious Pop Goes the Weasel tune for hours on end. My first morning there, I woke up to a man being repeatedly thrashed into a car. (And the never-ending story with xanax begins.)

One warm summer night towards the end of May, at a friends party on a wooden deck lit up with twinkle lights and good people, I reconnected with an old friend, Batman. Friend of a friend, he helped me clean up his friend’s puke. Drunken logic immediately kicked in that this quality guy was hot. Born was my booty call.

The encounters were like the seasons. There would be a one big bang, a little kiss here, a make out there, a leg rub here… and then it would start back up again, right from the top (God, this guy was fun).

In between seasons I dated. One English guy particularly stood out. We also met on a wooden deck. There was a gorgeous purple sunset and the reflection of soft lights off a lake that lit up our night. When I found out he had the same birthday as Batman, I thought the universe was playing a game with me. For six months, we had a great time. When it ended, I was hurt, but it was nothing my friends wine, weed, xanax and Cher couldn’t take care of 😉

Whether it was the English guy’s advice to have fun in my 20’s (or the wine, weed, xanax and/or Cher), but I was totally inspired. With absolutely no regrets, I lived the four years I felt I had lost myself in from being with the wrong person, and it was amazing.

It wasn’t until I found out that Batman was moving that it hit me, it really is the end of an era. Everyone is growing up. Everyone is getting serious about one thing or another. Everyone except me.

So, as the sun sets on one era, another one approaches. An era of many dynamics. Moving to a fabulous brand new apartment in an up-and-coming neighborhood, to saying bye to a Muse, to breaking a number of life’s toxic cycles…

It was easy knowing that in less than a month I’m putting myself on the path of discovery. Even though I have no idea what the future holds, I’d much rather explore where this path takes me as opposed to the one I’ve already been on. I have decided to follow my heart, and in doing so, a new chapter in my life awaits to unfold… This can only be good…

So, for every beginning there is an end, and for every end, there is a beginning.

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