Four days in Finance

One day I was stoned out of my mind enjoying the Harry Potter Exhibition in Times Square.

The very next day I found myself on the 46th floor, on the trading floor of one of the worlds biggest hedge funds. Billion dollar views of Central Park and Upper Manhattan (How the f*ck did this happen?!). 

I don’t think any of this should come as a surprise that I was unemployed four days later.

My four days in Finance, were some of the worst days in financial history. The agency I agreed to work with failed to inform me on the position I was walking into. The stock market crashed into the negative twice. The Asian markets completely flopped. As a result of failing to ask questions, I was awkwardly thrown into working for an overweight, narcissistic, college frat boy, who treated his staff like shit.

Though working in a Fine Art Gallery fully prepped me for this type of fast-paced aggressive environment (who’d have thought?!), this went against everything I believed in. When my first day of work fell on the 9th worst day in the stock markets history, I took this as a sign that I wasn’t meant to work in Finance. When they hired someone permanently by the end of the week, it was a blessing in disguise. Just like that, the stocks recovered.

I am unemployed again. The fourth job this year. It gets easier to welcome every time. It’s easy to do when you’ve got a solid network of positivity that reminds you that life in itself is the worlds greatest blessing.

I have all that I need.

So once again,”Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.”- William Shakespeare

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3 thoughts on “Four days in Finance

  1. Nice positive spin at the end there, Ro. Way to keep your head up – what you are looking for and are meant for is out there, you just have to keep looking until you find it 🙂

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