“Look Deep into Nature…

 … and then you will understand everything better.”
~Albert Einstein~

Following my mis-adventure climbing Sri Pada (vomited, overdosed on an Ayurvedic tonic, vomited more, was accidentally electrocuted, and then sick for 12 hours)… I came to an agreement to take it easy for a while.

I decided to stay put and instead follow the energy emitted from pure natural minerals crystalized within the Earth… I allowed my mind to wander …

The lands of Egypt and Guatemala have natural gold deposits; Peru is rich in gold and copper; Mexico has gold, silver, and copper; Tibet has gold, silver, copper, and iron; India is rich in gold and diamonds; Sri Lanka is rich in gems and crystals and South Africa diamonds…These are all beautiful “sacred” spiritual hot-spots… These are also places shrouded in legends and ancient histories of Star People and “Gods” who came down from the “heavens”… These are also places currently under attack from foreign “alien” domination and exploitation…

There seems to be a connection between sacred places and Star People, and a clear link between precious mineral deposits of a country and the spiritual manifestation of the self… Is there a link between these precious deposits and those who have come from the sky?

Is it possible that long ago,  there really was a battle of “good” vs. “evil”? With creatures of myths, where “good” was defeated, and as a result our civilizations have been shaped by outer “alien” forces, against the well-being of Gaia?

It doesn’t require a genius to point out that something has gone terribly wrong with how our life on Earth has developed … What if the problems we are currently facing, stems further back into antiquity than we ever imagined…

So now, more importantly … Is there a link between those who seek to dominate and control these precious deposits and those who have come from the sky?

(I’m not going to be climbing mountains anytime soon to find out)

My lingering questions brought me to a gem shop, the House of Siris. Offering free aura and chakra readings, the shop provided kind and generous assistance with whatever one’s purpose was for being there. Working with the staff for over an hour to identify the stones I was given as a present, I could tell that his was a place that genuinely wanted to help those attain their spiritual goals.

After learning more about the properties of other stones, feeling their energy, and after much thought and self-reflection, I treated myself to: Rhodonite, the best wound-healing stone, fertility, vitality, and groundingWhite Howlite, for calming against bad temper, divine connection and protection; and Larimar, stone of Atlantis for divine guidance, protection, peace and love, universal healing, and meditation (and helps to find a soul-mate).

Initially thinking if I meditated and slept with Larimar, I would dream of my soul-mate ( I couldn’t have been more wrong), I was instead reminded of the wise words of Buddha to not dwell in the past, to not dream of the future, but to concentrate the mind on the present moment. Through dreams it became clear that I had been sucked into an emotionally disorganized timeline, and now, more than ever, I needed to step back and look at the entire picture. I need grounding, structure, and self-control, and there are people here to help make these things reality, in due time…

I am so grateful and fortunate to have seen and experienced the things that I have, leaving Sri Lanka, I have never been sadder. However, knowing that my journey was far from over, and I was returning to being broke and unemployed, I couldn’t help but see this as an opportunity to practice self-control and ground. Life had spun open another similar, yet very different circle. This time round, my eyes and heart are open, my soul has awakened, and I now have a collection of stones to aid my spiritual evolution.

2012 is going to be quite the year 🙂

You are far from the end of your journey.
The way is not in the sky.
The way is in the heart.
See how you love.

PS:  If you have any ideas, information, thoughts or experiences you’d like to share that relate to some of the questions I’ve raised- please share!  I’m always open for discussion and would love to know your thoughts! 

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10 thoughts on ““Look Deep into Nature…

    1. I totally agree with you, the answers are definitely out there, just in a world run by mass amounts of dis-information it’s difficult to determine what is real and what is fabricated… There are powerful forces currently at play, which is why now, more than ever, it’s so important to question everything and become our own guides to truth. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

  1. Thank you for your beautiful story and photos! I so understand what you were going through and the questions you were asking. To me I found out that there seems to be just one answer that keeps the same, in all religions, in all wisdom, in different cultures – that is about our inner awakening. Our evolution is not finished as long as we have not reached the state where we connect with the Life itself. It has been named in many different words everywhere but it is always the same. Our own awakening means that our inner energy has to be awakened – in India it is called the Kundalini, in Christianity the Holy Spirit, in Islam the Ruh, it is the Tao and it is the Chi and the Rainbow Serpent – many names for one and the same energy within. And only when this energy is awakened than we become truly our own master and we will truly know what is right and what is wrong. In all cultures it was described like feeling it as a cool breeze, or as cool water, the water of life, or the time when our hands start speaking – and once you can feel this in your hands and over your head you can feel it from everything. Basically everything and everyone emits vibrations, they can be cool or hot. If they are cool it is good for you, if they are hot than not (does it not remind us of old descriptions of heaven and hell? We know so much without knowing that we know… even the words like “keep cool” or “it is cool” reflect that knowledge) – but we have to experience it, otherwise the knowledge is just another belief, only when experienced it will become knowledge… thank you again for sharing your deep experiences and thoughts! It is wonderful to meet deep seekers of life!

  2. I am moved by your words, thank you for taking the time to read my post and for writing such a beautiful, thoughtfull and encouraging comment. I understand what you mean how things start to feel like there’s a cool/warm breeze coming out from them… when I hover my hands over my cats its incredible! Thank you again for sharing your beautiful perspective and your lovely words, I am truly touched!

  3. i love the quote of the buddha. “… the way is in the heart”– nothing means anything without this basic understanding–

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