“You are never alone or helpless…

“…The force that guides the stars guides you too.” ~Shrii Anandamurti

~The Spring Equinox~

After a number of dreams in the language of light, otherworldly downloads, and noticing that my menstrual cycle has now linked itself up to the Earth’s energetic power days… I strongly felt that for the Spring Equinox,  I needed to be around others who were undergoing similar transformations, and/or who could explain what was happening to me…

Upon an incredible soul activation sung in the language of my dreams, I delved into a deep altered state, where I felt the presence and love of our Divine Cosmic Mother Tzaphqiel, and another familiar presence which arrived in this soothing cosmic blue light, the Lyrans… When our channelor began the message, I couldn’t believe that I was understanding the message as well…

“If we look to our past, we will not be able to move forward… If we look to our future, we will get ahead of ourselves… We must live in the present, the now, and allow our higher selves to blossom forth in bliss… We are the writers of our lives… Now is the time to make known, the unknown, so we can evolve as One…”

 The galaxy in which Earth exists in,  is shifting its place within the universe… Because it has shifted, and continues to shift… we are no longer on the same downward spiral we have been stuck in for the past 5,000+ years… We have entered a completely new upward spiral/circle of life which is why everything we’re experiencing and feeling right now is new and like nothing we’ve ever known before… because this shift has never happened before in Earth’s multi billion year history, everything we’re experiencing and feeling right now is new…a Golden Age approaches…

I surrendered myself to the now, and to the amazing energies that were present… one of our visiting forces held my hand, and in doing so, something physically shifted from within the left side of my physical self… It didn’t hurt… but something shifted…

We were then spoken to by Duncan Cameron, a scientist who was involved in the Philadelphia Experiments and Montauk Projects from 1943-1953. Duncan talked about the experiments he conducted (and was a part of), and went on to further describe the aspects of the various dimensions, and how we can actually travel through them.

When the mind is open and in the prime condition for time travel- through a circular, spiral vortex, the travel does not follow a forward linear pattern, the travel happens side-ways.

Having remembered the use of the term  “side-ways” in other people’s accounts of time travelling, I noticed how in their various shapes and forms, each account was met with negativity, labels, and judgement… yet each of these people returned from their journey’s with the same message of love and oneness…

Connecting the dots as to why this knowledge isn’t mainstream and just how different the world would look if it was… I couldn’t help but feel the full extent to which the global elite have created the ideal environments and tools necessary to ensure our minds were conditioned, manipulated, and controlled by false realities since the dawn of our most recent creation.

Having observed how some of the people I am most deeply connected to, are subjugated to this control, and feeling helpless in my search for methods and ways in which I could help them break free for themselves… I felt the force that guides the stars guiding me too… and my prayer I didn’t even know I was praying for, was answered…

I went on to  learn that I am an empath, I have the ability to absorb the energy and feelings of those who surround me and/or send it to me, taking on their energy and feelings as if they were my own. I am now learning how to release, and not be stifled by that same energy, so that I can actually help whoever it is that has opened their heart to me.

What “shifted” within my physical self was my old adult-mind programing. I have been and continue to be re-configured with the DNA codes and sequences of light, light that comes from beyond the human mind and consciousness.

My third eye chakra is expanding as I awaken deeper and deeper into my true self and life’s purpose. I can no longer read, recognize, nor hear words that hold no real value or purpose, and the fact that my menstrual cycle has linked up to the Earth’s power days is the prime indicator of my divine, DNA transmutation.

As the Earth changes and renews itself for what’s to come, so do I… a Golden Age approaches…

Wow…  😉

“The Divine is present in everyone, in all beings, in everything. Like space it is everywhere, all-pervading, all-powerful, all-knowing. The Divine is the principle of Life, the inner light of consciousness, and pure bliss… It is our very own Self.”
~ Amma

All images are from Spiritual Bliss : https://www.facebook.com/SpiritualBlissPage

6 thoughts on ““You are never alone or helpless…

  1. Wonderful as always, Rowena.

    It brings me great joy to read your story, to share your experiences, and to know that the Light is awakening in you, as you. The divine energy of Love and Truth is washing over the planet, pouring into our minds and bodies (download is a good word for it!)… We are channels, we are builders, we are the next leap forward in evolution.

    Ain’t it beautiful? 😉

  2. Must have fallen through a time hole because I found your post shortly after the Spring Equinox 2013. *lol* I love it how you talk about the Lyrans, the Light Language and DNA updates. For most people that would be Science Fiction 🙂 I’ve become interested in dimensional portals just recently and I find it intriguing that you say one travels through them side-ways … that’ll be good to know when I get to one of these gates.

    WordPress suggested this Blog to me, I’m so glad I found it! 🙂

    Thank you ❤

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