A Vision in Cuzco

After a three-hour train ride, a sketchy back alley walk over the river, through the woods, and a two-hour bus ride later, we arrived back in Cuzco. The Cheshire Cat moon smiled at us and the stars sparkled bright.

I was sunburnt, coming off of Diamox. I was right back where I had started, only everything felt different.

That night I had a vision of my past life. I don’t know how to explain it other than that I was wide awake, yet frozen as my hotel room dissolved and transformed into a chapter of history… my history. I can’t remember all of it, but it started off at a site where they were removing mountaintops. I was a native of some sort, we had really big, long heads, this scared me… we didn’t look like regular humans yet we were part of Machu Picchu…Under the rule of a King, there was a massive community living there, of which me and my family were involved with.. There were faces, whom I recognized very clearly, people who in this life I share strong connections to… There was a sacrifice to be held, my child was to be sacrificed. Unable to accept my child’s fate, I directed the ceremony organizers to someone else’s son. When the other boy was sacrificed, they learned right away that the child sacrificed was not who was supposed to have been sacrificed. As punishment for what I had done, they took all my children from me and murdered them before my eyes…Then one by one, everyone around me was killed by people who looked like us, but weren’t… I was taken away… While the village elders deliberated on what to do with me, I was destroyed. The guilt. The shame. I couldn’t face my husband. I couldn’t live with what I had done. The elders became distracted in arguing with one another… one of them had a knife that was protruding, and I walked into it… it went straight through my stomach. It was tragic. The village was in shock. I was picked up and laid down on a large stone in a crystal chamber, and as I died, my soul left the chamber, and the room slowly transformed back into my hotel room.

(What the just happened?)

Confused, very confused, I pushed this to the back of my mind.

I needed to get out of the city. I ventured out to the rustic town of Huasao. The Ninos Hotel Hacienda had horses, and was only an hour away from the ruins of Tipon, every cent of what I spend here goes to charity, I figured why not.

The Hacienda was adorable. I was the only guest there and being out in the country was exactly what I needed after 5 days of intense trekking in some of the most beautiful dramatic landscapes I have ever seen. I went horseback riding through patchwork blanket fields to the archaeological complex of Tipon.

Said to be either an Imperial park, or mass agricultural terraces, the site has water rushing through Incan built channels, and walls built without the use of mortar in near perfect condition. At the base of the terraces and water networks, there are ruins of what locals say is the Moon/Water Temple. The careful and mysterious stonework of all the structures will never fail to impress.

Completely disconnected from the world, we returned back to the hacienda just in time for super. My body ached from the trek, my butt hurt from the horseback riding, and the organic hot coco and fire-place made everything feel better. One of the local boys even brought me weed and a potato to smoke it in.

Hidden in the bookshelf, I found what seemed to be the only thing in English, The Secret Language of Birthday’s. Intrigued by the secret nonsense this book appeared to offer, I looked up my day (June 21st), and was amazed to discover the pages dedicated to Cancemini’s, those born on the Cusp of Magic. I’ve always been really confused about my sign, and it was interesting to uncover for the first time, a very accurate depiction of my personality. Not as a Gemini, nor a Cancer. A Cancemini. It was far from rainbows and roses. It was actually pretty brutal, but the message’s honesty only underlined the books best intentions. It was a passive slap across the face that brought me back to earth.

William Blake said that “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” But while this may very well be the case, will the Cancemini traveler ever reach the destination?

With the crackling warmth of the fireplace, to the glimmering lights of the milky way in the near distance, the organic hot coco keeping me warm… The universe came together again, and I felt peace.

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