Meeting Max the Crystal Skull

“The only things we learn, are the things we have forgotten.” ~Socrates

I was brought into a darkened room, where Max sat centered on a floral patterned velvet cloth. Made up of five different quartz crystals molded into one, lit up from underneath you could see the fine details that confirm his authenticity as an ancient skull (Queue in Ancient Aliens). I felt like I had been waiting for this moment my entire life.

He is beautiful. So beautiful. The craftsmanship is remarkable. 100% Alien. I couldn’t believe we were together. I breathed in his energy,thanked him for being there. and asked him to guide me with what he thought I needed help with. I placed my hands on his sides and my third eye over his right. I closed my eyes and opened my mind.

I’m not going to lie (I threw myself over him),opening your mind is really hard. It took a minute or two before I started to see flickering like that of an old television, and then large purple holes.

The holes flashed in and out, alternating between purple and yellow. The circle would stretch out and turn diagonally, then pop up horizontally on the opposite side of the screen. I was aware of my physical presence, but my mind was somewhere else entirely. There were shapes floating and fading in and out. I felt so much energy, love.  I had no idea what the hell was going on. Thankfully the channeler  came in and explained what was happening.

Max connected to my energy, the waves of my brain. He took me through a portal of time to my memory of initiation into Priestesshood. I had long flowing auburn hair. I walked stone steps up a hill to a Temple next to the ocean. The Temple had large stones and columns. I was anointed with oils and flowers. Max was there.

He then took me through another portal to a future dimension. He said that I’m going to travel. I will go to Asia, to Japan specifically, Europe, Central and South America,  Africa (to which I thought “F this, I don’t want to go to Africa!” ) Max responded very quickly that he didn’t mean that Africa, he meant North Africa (Bless his love.) He said that I’m supposed to be helping people.

He said that in three years I will be living in a community. A community where each person has a duty and role to fulfill. I will be in the service of others with my duty to help and love. In three years, an incredible man is going to show up in my life. We are going to live in this community, we will have a family with children, and there will be a lot of love.

I was then explained further by my channeler of the metaphysical elements left on the Earth in stones at Machu Picchu, that have the power to trigger memory. ( It clicked, the sacred stones that I touched there did exactly that.)

The life that I first awoke to in Peru occurred long before the Conquistadors arrival to Central/South America. The civilizations at that time were beginning to fall into a spiritual decline, and men would travel out to neighboring villages killing children and taking women as slaves. Although this wasn’t what caused the untimely deaths of my children, it was my actions that caused my children’s deaths, by not honoring the cultural traditions of child sacrifice. After my children were murdered, the men captured me for themselves. Waiting in a room as they fought amongst themselves what they were to do with me- I couldn’t have fucked up my life anymore than I did. The pain of watching my children murdered, because of me, was unbearable. There was a knife that was held out, and I drove myself into it. It was an accident, but it wasn’t. I killed myself. The men who held me captive were completely distraught by my actions, they needed me alive. Despite my wrongdoings, we weren’t like other humans – our heads- we were different. They honored my body and laid me to rest on a stone altar in a crystalline chamber.

We have lived thousands of lives, and I now know of two. What was an hour, felt like 20 minutes. When I came to, I was the same, but different. There was so much energy running through me, I could feel it rattling every organ, vessel, muscle. I felt incredible.

An old memory which once disturbed me, now gave me peace. A new memory, which I have yet to fully understand, has given me direction.

For the first time I fully understood Socrates, “The only things we learn, are the things we have forgotten.”

(This was an incredible experience. It is different for everyone, and is something one would have to experience for themselves to come to their own understanding. I would recommend seeing Max to everyone and anyone who has an open mind and the willingness to learn.)

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