The Art Gallery

“The universe may not always play fair, but at least it’s got a hell of a sense of humor.”
-Candace Bushnell 

I’ve had five jobs this year. Two lay offs, two discharges, and one resignation. If you’ve been reading my previous posts, this shouldn’t be a surprise, my heart has been elsewhere (aka dallying in mountains and meditating with crystal skulls).

After my four-day stunt on Wall Street, I was excited and hopeful for my interview on Main Street. Despite my strong desire to help others, the prospect of working in an Art Gallery again was too good to pass up; and recalling that this was the street where my career began as an intern, it felt like I was approaching one of life’s full circles.

Four years ago, I found myself next to a Brazilian waxing studio burdened by construction scaffolding. This time round, I was next to a dinky pawn shop burdened by street construction. Absolutely stunned by the parallels of life, I walked on cloud nine through a hallway garlanded with orchids and rose petals, towards an exhibition featuring Japanese art. This place was totally Zen. This was too good to be true!

It was. I was in the wrong place.

As I stepped back outside in confusion, turns out the Art Gallery was in fact the dinky pawn shop. (Amazing.)

Note to Self: This is what happens when you respond to the “Fine Art Gallery Assistant” Ad on Craigslist.

Like sardines in a can surrounded by mountains of dusty trinkets, I stood in line with five other interviewees as the owner conducted the interviews directly in front of us. The manager threw me their business plan to read, and a burnt job application to fill out. Trying gracefully to open the binder that was falling apart, I glanced through the crinkled, coffee stained pages of the “gallery” “business plan”. Right…

I totally made a beeline for the door.

In trying to exit as discreetly as possible, I discover I’m locked in and have attracted the attention of the entire gallery including the owner standing to my left. Apparently one can’t leave without being buzzed out. I was totally busted. (Not awkward, at all.)

Trying to be as polite as possible to explain why I need to just step out for a moment (and never come back), the somewhat elderly owner insisted I give it a chance to stay and meet with him. (Now, I felt bad.)

I waited for one pretty uncomfortable hour as the store cleared out of interviewees, regulars and drama from very disgruntled customers. The owner finally takes me to the back of his “office” (aka the only clearing behind piles of rubbish and Baseball/Playboy memorabilia), and tells me about his business. They buy, sell, and appraise anything that is valuable.

He liked my resume, he liked my background, I was initially there to interview for an “office” position, but was instead offered the opportunity to work alongside him and apprentice in appraising collectables and art. Right, cause this is totally an Art Gallery! 

The “Gallery” is a mess. I’m unemployed, bored, and feel as though the opportunity to help has presented itself. This is clearly a sign to leave judgment at the door and explore new experiences. Afterall, my career in the city began on this street, perhaps it’s a sign my career in the city will also end on this street.

  Change just beyond the horizon became real; Life couldn’t feel more beautiful.

“There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be…”
John Lennon 

The "Art Gallery"
The “Art Gallery” 
I wish there was a before picture, these are the trinkets AFTER organizing…
The “Office” (We’re not allowed back there…) 
I have no more comments…

Forever Living Your Infinite Dreams

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7 thoughts on “The Art Gallery

  1. What an awesome place? <—– Rhetorical Question

    I would love to find a gallery like that, and you have the chance to work in one…
    John Lennon was absolutely right, that's why I stayed in Brazil 19 years ago when it was supposed to be a 10 day stopover, never did get to Europe.
    Love your style will add link on my Life blog.


  2. Ro your blog is wonderful!! You are such a magical story teller, I cannot wait for the events of the Gallery to unfold!! Good luck!! -Alice

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