“Pay Attention to Your Dreams…

…God’s angels often speak directly to our hearts when we are asleep.”
~The Angels’ Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman 

Five months ago, I had a dream…

Here in Spanish Harlem, I was visited by two beings… I could not see them, only their silhouettes… One stood at the foot of my bed, the other knelt by my side… They were tall, beautiful… the love they emanated was incredible, divine… it was so familiar, this love… They carried me in their arms and took me away…

I don’t remember where we went, nor what they told me about where we went, but when we came back to my room, I cried… I begged them to let me stay with them…Very lovingly, they placed me back into my bed and said No… they reminded me that it was I who asked for this mission, and I wasn’t done… They told me to never forget the light, to be the light, to anchor it… They repeated, never forget the light… I came to consciousness exactly where they left me, and I wept…

Four weeks ago, I had another dream…

 It was really bright and I was being showered with information… It was almost as if the energy of the information, bouncing around me, through me, to me – was what was creating this bright light- it was intense, overwhelming almost, but necessary… then it slowly began to turn dark… I asked for help so I could remember this, and a stream of names were given to me as I came back to consciousness…

What are these names? I asked … I had never heard these names before, how am I going to remember this?… Like an echo in a tunnel, crystal clear, and repeated three times… Seraphim

Remembering my very short-lived days in Sunday school, the name rang a bell of God’s Angels. Confused, yet focused, I began my search.

Seraphim, as recorded in the Hebrew Old Testament, are ranked five out of  ten in the angelic hierarchy; Christianity has them ranked the highest; The Book of EnochBook of Revelation and Gnostic text On the Origin of the World, considered Seraphs to be a high-ranking class of celestial beings.

The Hebrew Bible describes them as fiery beings with six wings. The Book of Enoch described them as “serpents”, The Book of Revelation described them as always being in the presence of God, and the Christian Gnostic text On the Origin of the World described them as “dragon-shaped angels”.

 I came across a list of names, names I had never heard before, but had… Phanuel, Sariel, Selaphiel, Zerachiel,Tsaphqiel,… 

Phanuel, is said to be an Angel who assists one to move past guilt and regret. Sariel is said to be the princely angel of eternity, trembling, and great healing. Selaphiel is said to be the Archangel of karma clearing.

Zerachiel is said to be the most powerful of Archangels and is described as the protector of children, he can help grant one peace and tranquility. He is the Angel responsible for freeing people from the burden of guilt, selfishness, or envy, where upon freeing one from these afflictions, he will bestow upon one the ability to see the higher truth.

Tsaphqiel, the Great Cosmic Mother, the violet flame, is associated with forgiveness, unconditional love, compassion, and non-judgement. She is also associated to universal knowledge and wisdom, and the guardian of God’s spiritual or heavenly library, where all truth is supposedly stored.

Most Christian denominations do not recognize any of these as official Archangels. In fact, the literature available invokes immense fear referring to these incredible celestial beings as “fallen angels” or “angels of death” …  this isn’t true!

According to St. Thomas Aquinas “an Angel can illuminate the thought and mind of man by strengthening the power of vision”… so why would the church debunk and suppress such sacred, powerful information, meant for the very people it claims to “love” and “protect”?

I have come to understand that since the dawn of man’s most recent creation, the church has been the keystone towards keeping man ignorant of our celestial, divine heritage, and ability to self-sustain. Spreading manipulated tales through the Bible, making us fear the things we should embrace with love… Suppressing, silencing, and murdering all those who challenged these views… Forcing humanity to live and “progress” in darkness, ignorance, and fear… It was the church that paved the first road to global domination and control.

According to the American author and philosopher Mortimer J. Adler, “Angels are not merely forms of extraterrestrial intelligence, they are forms of extra-cosmic intelligence”. With this being said, it becomes quite clear as to why these celestial beings were stripped off the record, whilst snakes became known as creation’s greatest villain… Can you imagine how different our world would be if people knew the truth?

 I have learned that I am being contacted by the higher angelic realm because, I am one of them. I am their Earthly representative… I am in the light, I am of the light…I am not to allow my human personality to react in fear to any of the projected manipulations.

The “downloads” I am receiving in my dreams, are beyond the human mind, which is why I don’t remember it, and in a way, I don’t need to remember it… I am being coded with information, patterns of energy, all of which are necessary to anchor the light back to Earth, in this shifting dimensional frequency…

Now is the time to clear emotional trauma from my human life, to live in joy, and not fear. I must watch, and listen, because soon my higher being will merge with my human self, and only then will I fully understand what this is all about.

Wow… Whoever said that all God’s Angel’s come to us disguised, wasn’t kidding… 😉

“Whether we are filled with joy or grief, our angels are close to us, speaking to our hearts of God’s love.”
~Eileen Elias Freeman

“I saw them with my bodily eyes as clearly as I see you.
And when they departed, I used to weep and wish they would take me with them.” 

-Joan of Arc 

“If we could perceive our Angels for just a single day, this world would never be the same again, nor would it ever wish to be.”
   – Anonymous

All images are courteousy of Lightworker Activation: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lightworker-Activation/181092920134

13 thoughts on ““Pay Attention to Your Dreams…

  1. Another great post! Awakening is here! We are evolving!

    It is so good to know that contact is being made – and that people are listening, and waking up. You are truly an angel yourself, sister – a chosen one, a light in the darkness!

    Thank you for shining your light, for giving your love, and sharing your experiences with the world. I love your blog!

    ~ Ben

  2. Thank you Ben 🙂 I like believing that everyone is a chosen one, just some people are choosing to listen, whilst others are choosing not to… I’ve had a lifetime experiencing what happens when I don’t listen to the signs and messages, so for me the choice was easy. But for others, this can be really hard…

    I truly feel so blessed knowing that you are a part of this journey, and without really “knowing” each other- the fact that we are coming to the exact same conclusions just goes to show how there are as many paths to the truth as there are people, and that this is all very very real…

    Thank you for having the courage, strength, and such divine love within to be yourself, for shining your light of the universe so all the world can see, and for always reading my posts and saying the most wonderful of things… You make me feel I’m not alone in this and for that, I am truly blessed 🙂

  3. I so completely agree with everything you’ve written. One thing I love about entering into the blogging world is finding others who have had similar experiences. So very similar! We are all dipping into the same stream of consciousness. Its just that some choose not to drink. And so I raise my cup to you. How nice to have such wonderful company on our journeys.

  4. Thank you so much Tovarysh, I couldn’t agree with you more! I feel the blogging world is one of the few places we can actually go to fully release and share these experiences, and in sharing our experiences we’re not only awakening together, but we’re discovering through each others eyes just how connected and incredible we ALL are, it’s beautiful 🙂 Cheers my friend, I feel so blessed knowing that we are in each others journeys and growth. Much love, peace, and light.

  5. my dear,

    i cannot thank you enough for this post. I’d already sensed you had the same soul “origin” (angelic) as mine, knowing that you are realising that yourself and awakening to it makes my heart pound with joy ♥ . Thank you for crossing my path, Love and Light ~

  6. Yamyah,
    After reading a number of your posts, we not only have the same soul origin, but our experiences in this life are so similar, my heart pounds after reading everything you write… I feel very blessed that our paths crossed, and we are in each others circles now 🙂 Much love and light, and a million gazillion hugs!!!

  7. likewise ♥ i dont believe in coincidences 😉 Much LOVE, angel blessings and a million gazillion hugs!!! 🙂 ~

  8. I think this is a very interesting – and in many ways provocative – post. Although I have to admit that I don’t necessarily believe in angels, I don’t say that they don’t exist either. I do believer in a spiritual world outside of the one we perceive in our «regular» life. And I think dreaming is one way to get in touch with this spiritual world – in whichever fashion. Creative performance another way. You experience through your dreams I quite extraordinary. In addition I think you are completely right about the church. For me it’s always been a bastion of power, a way to subjugate and suppress people. It’s a tool for those who seek power. And I see most other regions the same way. As dogmatic religions that is.

    1. I am so sorry it took me so long to respond to this (my internet has been shut off and its difficult for me to come on here during work)! I completely understand your perspective, as I too held this notion for many years… its only been very recent that my experiences in dreams have become this vivid, powerful, and intense, that its made me start questioning everything, even the concept of Angels themselves! After my experiences, I feel the term “Angel” was coined in antiquity to describe the otherworldly/”alien”/celestial beings who have made their presence known throughout history, and continue to make their presence known to us, in order to help and guide those who have asked for it… it takes a certain state of mind, and place of heart in order for this to happen, but it does happen none the less 😉 Thank you for reading and for taking the time to leave such a thoughtfull comment! I am really looking forward to catching up on your writtings!

  9. Wow; that is epic indeed….Dream-visions involving images/information which one could not possibly have drawn from their own subconscious mind tend to rank very highly on the Tsaphqiel Spiritual Significance Scale!!

    I recently received a dream-vision of the Blessed Mother Mary wherein she told me that I once served on the Angelic Council, so rest assured I can understand where you are coming from (literally!!) 🙂 ❤

  10. Thank you dear Tia, it took me about a month to fully digest this dream (and many others I’ve been having) so it is absolutely incredible for me to discover others who fully understand what I’m talking about, and where we are coming from 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read this and for commenting, am sending you much love and light!

  11. I am amazed at what I’m reading right now! I was watching ancient aliens about bigfoot and remembered a dream I had a while back ago.I was in a boat with a young lady,I don’t know who she is but bigfoot was rowing the boat.The water was full of ancient pillars that had fallen,famous statues halfway submerged and an eerie feeling lingering there.Bigfoot looks over at us as if he feels our emotion to the ruins and says “we are rowing through history” I have had alot of dreams and bizarre things happen to me,like what people refer to as life after death experiences twice in dreams.Even incubus attacks crushing my chest and whispering “rubella” in my ear repeatedly while I was pregnant.My spirit just pulled enough energy from me to shout that the Lord has my soul-in an instant I saw the “man” thrown off of me by an unseen force.While in the hospital the day after delivering my daughter,Isabella-a nurse came in to offer me a rubella vaccination because they had found traces of it in my system.I later researched and found that it is most harmful to pregnant women and their unborn babies,often causing miscarriage or stillbirth,even kills the mother in some cases.I know that I have gotten way off topic,but I did a search to find rowing through history and before i could type history,”rowing through life” and ancient aliens bigfoot response is the first thing to pop up.Then I find this blog where believes alot of my same theories and things I have put together over years of biblical and greek mythology,egyptian and mayan studies.I also get the impression that you too are grounded in faith.I try to talk to people and most think I’m a freak.Alot tell me I need an antidepressant.More like a spiritual blocker made by the government to shrink our peneal gland and eliminate any frontal lobe activity that is common in people who have visions and a close relationship to God.Lobotomies were too brutal and left us with a bunch of zombies,so they force us to drink flouride and take pills,chemicals made in labs,and tell us that natural remedies that come from the earth like marijuana,known to cure depression and a wide array of other ailments-is illegal?I look around and feel like I’m the only one who is awake and aware and it’s like humanity has become so robotic.I cry when something is upsetting and I’m made to feel like a freak…Last time I checked it was a human emotion.I am just hoping to hang onto whatever humanity still exists,especially within myself.I was scared tonight while thinking that some 12-21-12 earth shifting rotation catastrophy is going to lunge us all off of the planet into space and finding some other people who are open and see how all things are relative as I do,makes me feel better somehow.I’m not so alone and so small.So here’s to that rotational shift being strong enough to plunge our souls from our earthly bodies and send them flying home.Godspeed and cheers,Rowing through life!

    1. Wow, Crystal, I was in New Orleans when I recieved this comment, and wasn’t able to respond until now- I had the most insane goosebumps reading this, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read this, and for sharing with me your experiences and the story of how you found my blog… that is really something special! I am in complete awe, and I’m not surprised that you found me, I feel that a lot of us, in one way or another, are finding our way to each other, and it is a beautiful thing, a great blessing… We all go through those moments when we feel helpless, and completely alone, people who are still living in the dream world call us crazy for feeling and seeing the things we do, but we are not… stay strong in your faith, in yourself, you are perfect and so beautiful. Thank you for being you 🙂 Much love and light!!!

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