“A Mind is Like a Parachute…

It doesn’t work if it isn’t open.” -Frank Zappa 

My first day of work at the “Gallery” was spent with two girls appraising a Hitler Youth uniform from 1937. It came with a flag, gun cleaner, knife, gold medallion, and a bullet hole. 100% genuine. Boss bought the set for a total of $250 (It’s real worth is $10K).

By the second week of work, all the girls were gone and I’m doing the books (uh-huh,the girl who’s failed math, twice).

By the third week we discover Boss is so paranoid to leave the “Gallery”, he has a personally aged collection of bottles filled with urine scattered throughout the entire back “office”.

Note to self: Apparently when it comes to hoarding, peeing in jars is like icing on a cake.


Today an elderly woman came in with four American silver dollars. Dated 1880, 1885, 1921, and 1922, these coins worth $25 each, were handed down three generations. Boss was going to pay $3 a piece. The place next door where she would’ve gotten a better deal was closed. She was broke, old, and heartbroken that this is what it had come to. It was then, at that moment, Boss got lost somewhere in the “office” (aka pissing in a bottle), and an Angel walked in.

“I can’t believe I’m on holiday and this is where I find myself!” Yelped Mary Jane from Texas, bursting with laughter, “This place is horrible!”  (She has no idea.)

Her warm stance and glowing blue-green eyes reminded me of my mother. Initially wanting to replace the face of her watch, she instead listened to our conversation, saw the four coins spread out on the counter, and asked to look at them. Underneath her hand covering her mouth, she told the woman that she was about to get ripped off. If she really needed the money, she would buy them from her, at retail.

Without thinking twice I buzzed the door open, Mary Jane grabbed the older woman’s hand, and booked it. They made their exchange running down the street and Boss chased after them screaming a rainbow full of words (Not awkward, at all).

Returning so pleased with himself that he managed to bring Mary Jane back, when Boss disappeared to the “office” again, she revealed that she had no intention of doing business with him, but came solely to make sure we weren’t in trouble.

Bless her heart, I gave her the biggest hug. I couldn’t help myself. Compared to the day before where in a fight with Boss over a coin worth $5,  a woman allowed her baby (in its stroller) to go flying into the street; What Mary Jane did was beautiful.

When she left without buying anything, Boss was absolutely livid. Livid. He growled, yelled, but was humbled. At the end of the day he knew we did the right thing. When he decided to close the “Gallery” early and give us a days break, he knew he did the right thing.

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”
-Albert Einstein 

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6 thoughts on ““A Mind is Like a Parachute…

  1. Having collected both coins and military memorabilia in my time, I know pretty much the value of those items… $3, even Scrooge would have offered a tad more.

    I weakened, added your link to Tomus as well.


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