“All Wonders You Seek…

…are within yourself.” ~Sir Thomas Browne 

Completely switched off whilst playing my part in the world of finance, I found myself with time, and resources allowing the flutterings of my mind to dive into the wonders of the self.

My first memory was on a land that was lush, green, and completely serene. I was a being that walked the lands, and breathed in the oceans, overseeing and monitoring the creation of an underwater kingdom… the waters were turquoise-green, crystal clear, and filled with an abundance of life…  dolphins, whales, sharks, magnificent fish, creatures I’d never seen before…

A place of pure Goddess energy, I remember walking along a cliff that overlooked a deep turquoise-blue lagoon, I dived and twirled in what seemed to be my personal pool of  eternal peace… this was heaven on Earth…

I remember a golden age, where a love filled the air that was so powerful it produced a faint golden shine as far as the eye could see, and we lived simply…

In a great battle, running up a spiral staircase of a tower, I was cornered into a circular room with no windows… I somehow escaped to a ledge on a balcony, but I was trapped…with nowhere to go but into the water far below, I jumped without fear…

I remember climbing and swinging from tree to tree, running away from dinosaurs… Walking through a field that was harvesting a number of large, shelled eggs with humanoid beings inside…

Playing with my friends in an incredibly constructed aqua park, built out of rock face in the middle of raw jungle… running into the jungle and falling into a circular planned stone/metal chamber with tunnels leading underground… there was an invisible field of protection…

(So confused) … humanoids couldn’t possibly have lived in the time of the dinosaurs, came from shelled eggs, and have this advanced knowledge … could they?

Questioning everything I’ve learned, my search brought me to a beautiful blog, where the name and story of a lost, sunken land tickled my soul… Lemuria.

Also known as Mu or the Garden of Eden, Lemuria is an ancient civilization that existed prior to and during the time of Atlantis, over 34 million years ago. Legend states that this is where man first emerged, and its location is said to have occupied both Indian and Pacific Oceans, between the Americas, Asia, and Australia.

Upon seeing life on Earth, it is said the first inhabitants came to Earth as ethereal beings of energy and light, who decided that they too should create and experience life on this planet as well. Existing so far as the time of the dinosaurs, these ethereal beings manifested into form, and over time became highly evolved spiritual beings.

The first three subrace’s of Lemurians are said to have reproduced by laying eggs. When they began reproducing with each other, so began their fall from paradise. It is said the Atlantean’s originated from the fourth root-race, and the Aryans emerged from the fifth… within the various sub-races of Aryans, is the stock which we all come from…

The Lemurian mystics foretold their fall from grace, including the fate of Atlantis, and knowing that  man must one day understand his star heritage, they travelled for thousands of years making sure to preserve their knowledge and wisdom.

Foreseeing mans removal from its spiritual ancestry, the Lemurians sought out caves and power spots, all over the Earth, to hide and safely guard their sacred knowledge until mankind was ready to embrace their star heritage.

According to the legend, during their extensive travels the Lemurian mystics taught their ancient wisdom to the Egyptians, Tibetans, Hindus, Maya, and Inca. This ancient wisdom, is said to have been passed down from generation to generation, currently protected by many present-day shamans and spirits… Machu Picchu is said to be one of the places where the records are kept.

As I learned of other  people’s visions of Lemuria, my own memories were brought back to life… Upon seeing an image of a Priestess*, I remembered my tour of Sri Pada, and my own meeting with a pale being, with deep blue sapphire eyes, and electric blue hair…

What’s even more peculiar, is when I first learned of Machu Picchu in the fourth grade, I used to write stories about the Inca’s secrets, and I was absolutely adamant about the main character having white, blonde hair, with blue streaks in it…

The wonders of a child’s imagination 😉

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” 
~Carl Jung~ 

For more reading: My Memories of Original Lemuria, by Denise Le Fay http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2010/04/12/my-memories-of-original-lemuria/


5 thoughts on ““All Wonders You Seek…

  1. Great stuff! There is tons of evidence of advanced civilizations existing here on earth in pre-historic times…

    And it’s amazing how much advanced knowledge and how many unbelievable similarities there are in the ancient traditions of such widely cultures as the Mayans, the Hindus, the Hebrews, the Tibetans and Egyptians. Seems like their myths, religions and languages all descended from a common source… very interesting!

  2. moving, beautiful and resonatees deeply with me ~ thank you for sharing. The spiral staircase is a memory/symbol i treasure dearly ♥

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