“To Unpathed Waters…

“…Undreamed Shores.” -William Shakespeare

Having initially signed up for the Sun Temple to Moonstone trek (which required two extra days in Cuzco to acclimatize), and bought the last-minute, non-refundable ticket that circled round the trek dates, I found out two weeks before I’m leaving that the trek was now cancelled.

Considering I was still recovering from a terrible lung infection and was unable to properly train for trekking in high altitude (note to self: don’t start a romantic fire using damp wood), I trusted that this was happening for a reason.

Having always been intrigued about the lake beings who descended directly from those who came from the stars… a lake said to be home to an underwater city/anomaly completely visible by google maps, the lake said to be the birthplace of the Incas… I had to experience Lake Titicaca .

Along the ten-hour bus ride from Cuzco to Puno, we were herded like cattle, and ascended from 3,400m to 4,300m, without water or coca tea, (I have yet to learn my lesson on researching the tours I book)… it was interesting.

Despite being completely dehydrated, riding along the sacred Vilcanota river, passing through the incredible Incan ruins of Raya, and the Pre-Colombian art museum in Pukara… my heart felt the souls of the mountains, this natural love that seemed to be radiating from every direction I turned… for hours tears flowed like the river rolling next to us…

At the Pre-Colombian site of Pukara, where three pyramids stood prior to the conquistadors. I was able to see first hand evidence suggesting that ancient reptilian-like astronauts beings did play a hand in the development of ancient histories, and the ancient pyramids of the world were used for a number of purposes, one of which was conducting free energy, and electricity… (Please see The Secrets Hidden in the Pyramids of Egypt http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LXyxrWv2PE4 ).

When I learned that the available knowledge of this remarkable site is managed and controlled by Harvard, and not the local communities who may possibly paint another picture, and the site was closed to visitors due to “excavations” that in essence were not even taking place…  There was something incredibly special here that they did not want people to experience for themselves. I couldn’t help but feel that our guide was educated, trained, and paid to unintentionally spread disinformation.

Walking away from the group to see the stone slab structure of a Reptilian like astronaut, I noticed another couple had walked away as well. At the exact same moment I was told to stop listening and to feel, I learned that we were here for the exact same reason… our hearts.

Upon bonding immediately, we decided to have dinner together. A Physical Therapist and an Energetic Healer, the two together integrate modern-day therapy, with the ancient practice of channelling energies to heal. Because they’re holistic approach actually helps people, and threatens the existence of big pharma, their work must remain underground for now. During a reading over dinner we were joined by my angels, two of which had something to tell me…

My Peruvian Angel wished to tell me that I am a lot of fun, and she has really been enjoying all the rides I bring her on…  I have just started something huge, and as long as I continue to follow my heart, things are only to become bigger and better… I am currently pulling all the strings of a giant rope together, after sorting through the individual strings, it must be my duty to bring it all together, so it is one, and it is strong…  living in the city is ok for now, but I will soon need to be in close proximity to Mother Earth in order for my soul to be nurtured and matured… She is waiting for the right time to speak to me directly…

Another Angelic being jumped in, whose presence was also very familiar… remembering him from one of my “downloading” dreams…Due to the nature of my Arcturian mission (what the what?!) the keeper of divine, universal knowledge, holds a golden key to a large book… he is here to help me… (So I’m an earthly representative of Seraphim, and my mission here on Earth is Arcturian?! What the…)

Feeling very confused, I went to sleep in peace only to be jolted out of bed, and instructed to check my email… Thinking I was just deprived of oxygen, I saw that I had a message from a childhood friend, a secret light-worker… reading her message, I learned that she had just gone through a very difficult pregnancy, where after an emergency ultra-sound her unborn baby girl went from being perfectly healthy, to being dead within one day… my dear friend asked that I send a prayer out to the heavens for her and her family…

(If mountains and flowers were making me cry, one can imagine what this did)… feeling hope and love, I summoned my angels to give me the strength to say a prayer, and as I closed my eyes I saw them… there were these beings of light… it was dark, and they were small, existing in another dimension they motioned and moved in light… individually pronounced, there were at least a dozen of them and they all held hands, closed their eyes, raised their hands in the air, and love poured out spirals of light into the heavens…

I fell into a meditative state, and was shown a vision of lights having gone out all over the world, and it was in New York City where millions and millions of people came together everyone singing Who’s Going to Save the World Tonight… and just like that the lights began to turn back on… I then fell into a place I knew very well… I was at the Sun Temple at Machu Picchu… and then the water temple… I was being called…

Between the extreme dehydration, altitude sickness, seeing light beings dancing prayers, and dreaming of being in New York when I’m always dreaming of being in Peru (clear lack of oxygen), it was beautiful but I couldn’t have been more excited to get out of Puno… there was someplace not too far away (at much lower altitude) officially calling me to be on my way… one day away…  I could not believe all this was happening…

“The more intensely we feel about an idea or goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.”
Earl Nightingale

 “To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”

All images Copyright © R.R.Rowing Through Life 

2 thoughts on ““To Unpathed Waters…

  1. What a fantastic journey! (both the Earthly trip to Peru, and the ongoing cosmic trip that is your Soul’s journey) Thank you for sharing 🙂

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