“When the Student is Ready…

“… the Teacher will appear”
 – Buddhist Proverb

Due to the rapid deterioration of my physical well-being from the altitude sickness I picked up in Puno, (and acceptance that I seem to get sick every time I travel), the only thing that made sense was that I was going to Machu Picchu, and I was not going to allow anything to break my spirit.

I pulled myself together to board the train to Machu Picchu, and found myself sitting next to a young gentleman, traveling by himself as well.

Saying a very enthusiastic and heartfelt hello to each other at the exact same time, within minutes, I discover my new friend from Germany is connected to Atlantis, and really comes from the Maori in New Zealand. He was called to Peru for his birthday that was just the day before (June 19th), and not really feeling a soul connection to South America, (or Peru for that matter), he was, however, called to be at Machu Picchu on the 21st. In an exchange of awareness and light, my altitude sickness disappeared like magic, and the energy of the mountains changed as if we had arrived in another dimension.

Like clockwork, tears flowed… spirits and souls were everywhere: in the river, the rocks, the grass, the trees, the earth, the air, the sun… a deep deep feeling of a euphoric love laid underneath everything… Learning about the Maori’s boyfriend, who sounded exactly like my angel, I couldn’t help but feel that I was sitting across from the mirror reflection of my self, and there was a reason for this…

As we pulled into the Machu Picchu train station, we discover that not only had we both been called to be here on June 21st, for our birthday’s just two days apart, but we are also staying at the exact same, hole-in-the-wall hostel at the edge of Aguas Calientes. Both following our hearts, there was no mistake in these bizarre coincidences… clearly there was something we needed to learn from one another, we had to meet up later for dinner.

The Maori went for a massage, and I went to the hot springs. Along the way, I was distracted by a mystic shop, whose artwork was so powerful, I was compelled to bask in the energy. The owner came out and asked me where I was from, a question that has always been difficult to answer, has become even more difficult, so I decided to be myself for once, and I told him the truth… the stars 🙂 His soul sparkled in his smile, and I gave him a really big hug, after which a tear rolled from his eye and he pined a Peruvian pan flute to my shirt.

 After getting properly sunburnt at the hot springs, I was compelled once again, to return to the mystic. He was so happy to see me and asked why I had come to Machu Picchu. I told him that my birthday was the 21st and I had been called to go to the Sun Temple. Tears filled his eyes once more as he hugged me, kissed me, introduced me to his family. He would not stop hugging me or kissing me… it wasn’t romantic (to my angel who may or may not be reading this), it was respectful, sacred. He then gave me three rocks and said that I needed to take these with me to Machu Picchu: Serpentine- the stone of Machu Picchu, Citrine, and Crystal Quartz. A present from him to me, for my protection.

 Upon being pulled by my heart into randomly meeting (and having a drink) with, not one, but two awesome musician’s who were also friends of Max the Crystal Skull (please see my prior posts on Max the Crystal Skull) , the Maori and I headed out for dinner. Within five minutes, the energy between us was so strong, we had filled up with light and no longer had appetites. Knowing that I was here because of the past life I discovered last year, I knew there was karma I needed to sort out, of which I had no idea of how to do. The Maori was also caught in the middle of a dilemma- having realized how powerful, helpful, and fulfilling his teachings really are, he had officially arrived at a crossroads where he needed to make a choice to either remain on the easy route (well paid office position he’s due for a promotion in) or,  pursue his dream of starting his own healing endeavor full time.

We had coincidentally found each other for a reason indeed.

I offered the Maori the advice, and the message that I’m always receiving from my guides, which is to always follow ones heart, even if it means taking a financial hit, there is a higher purpose for the hearts call, and as crazy and nonsensical as it may be at times, it is our duty, as light-workers, to follow it. To clear the negative energy of my past life, that I had attached myself to in this life, he offered to perform a birthday ceremony up in Machu Picchu.

Even though there was no doubt in my mind that this was what we were both called here for… the Maori told me to sleep on it and to let him know my decision in the morning. Upon falling asleep, I summoned my angels to guide me, and I dreamed…

I dreamed that there was a gigantic scar that ran along from the bottom of my ear all the way down to my neck…  it was an open, gaping, flesh wound, that was botching blood all over my white clothes… this wound was disgusting… It was getting in the way of everything… running to my angel to help me find a doctor who would sitch this up for me… he said he couldn’t help me… Running to my best friend, to see if she could help me- she couldn’t… I somehow found myself in the lobby of an emergency hospital to see if they could help me, and they wouldn’t even look at me… I then ended up in an animal hospital where, without asking, a woman approached me and said she could help me, and then showed me the staple gun she was going to use… laying it on the table, she told me I had a choice… terrified, I began backing away…

Waking up, it was my birthday, and interpreting my dreams had never been easier… here I was, with a problem, running to all the wrong places and people trying to find help, when none of these people or places could help me… and now, by some divine coincidence there is someone who can help me… It wasn’t what I was expecting, but it was the help that I needed… Do I run away from it because I am scared? Or do I accept it for what it is, and allow myself to heal?

Wrapping up my Larimar (stone of Atlantis) and Rose Quartz as a present to my Maori, for his present for me-  I accepted the unexpected, and together we headed to Machu Picchu.

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”
 “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

Copyright © R.R.Rowing Through Life.

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