“Be Curious. Read Widely. Try New Things.”

“…What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.”
~Aaron Swartz~ 

Ever since last years trip to Peru, I have had a very powerful, inexplicable calling to go to Sedona, Arizona.

Said to be the most famous cosmic portal to the universe, Sedona is considered the spiritual mecca, a global power spot for all those who are seeking personal and spiritual enrichment. Attracting travelers from all over the world, this is a place known for its four main energy vortexes, Mother nature’s red rock temples, and more reports of interdimensional, multidimensional and unexplained phenomena than anywhere else on Earth. The difference between this calling and my callings to Peru, was that this time I was not to travel by myself, I was to travel with my Angel.

As we are both temporarily slaves to the corporate and financial worlds, with only 18 vacation days per year, and different ideas on how our short and very sacred paid days off  are spent- the calling for this trip was too strong for me to ignore. As my angel is the complete opposite of myself, he was not interested in going on this journey with me. Strongly urging my angel to open his mind and heart, and to research the phenomenons of Sedona for himself… Within one day I was able to spark my angels curiosity and excitement, and so began the planning of our first vision quest, together  😉

If this is the first time your reading my blog, usually when I plan my trips for the soul, it just so happens that I end up waiting until the very last-minute to book everything, and I end up missing out on all the good deals. This time round, a miracle happened…  as I was planning with my Angel, we planned in advance and didn’t get ripped off- in fact, we got multiple discounts! Success! 😉

Searching for the best hotel possible, I was told by a friend that in order to fully experience the energy of Sedona, we needed to stay at a resort that was directly in one of the vortexes. However, during my research of the resort, whether it was the advertizing for luxury spa treatments or the ridiculous cost of rooms, something didn’t feel right… the voice in my heart was so loud and so clear-  there was someplace else waiting for us…

Searching more, I found the Cozy Cactus Bed and Breakfast. Researching further, I discovered that Cozy Cactus was situated in the backyard of one of the main vortexes, and there was only one room available for our travel dates, which also happened to be the best room in the house (and within my budget)… feeling my heart immediately warm up and tingle, this was it.

In the days leading up to our departure date, a memory of  a dream repeatedly flooded my mind… it was a dream of me and my Angel discovering a network of golden tunnels within the inside of a mountain… there was so much gold within these tunnels, and a presence… a presence we were not to disturb, a history that is not yet ready to be fully disclosed… Upon separating while we each investigated different tunnels and networks, somehow my Angel ended up on the outside of the mountain, while I remained on the inside, and I watched his footsteps through circular holes as we walked together, next to each other, on different paths leading to the same direction… When I emerged from the tunnel, we were together, and my Angel was packing his work belongings to get ready for a new adventure…

Just a couple of days before our departure, when my Angel received a call for the job opportunity of a lifetime, it became crystal clear that big things were starting to unfold… Afterall,  all dreams can come true, one only needs courage to pursue them 😉

~Peace, Love, and Light~


(Title Photo: Milkyway Over Cathedral Rock, By David Sunfellow. To view more of his work, click here

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