“Do Not Wait for Leaders…

“… do it alone, person to person.”
 – Mother Teresa

Two nights before the presidential debate on October 3, 2012, I had a dream…

At first I was in a dim, white room… Mitt Romney was there,  a lot was going on that I did not understand, I was instructed to wake up and to go get myself something to drink- I needed to hydrate and prepare myself for what was coming…

Waking up… I did exactly that… I got myself a drink and I went straight back to bed… I was then transported to a stage-where I hovered behind the screen…

There were two crystal clear prisms and behind these prisms there was a huge albino python… I was not scared… the python was being warmed up and controlled by a foreign, low vibrating energy that was present… there was a sadness to this python … so much sadness… then from behind one of the two prisms, the albino was joined by another python equal in size- only this one was brown… also being controlled by this low vibrating, foreign energy- this brown python was terrified… however… this brown one was being comforted and consoled by the albino… they were comforting each other– they were both terrified… whatever they were being asked to do, they did not want to do it… neither of them… but it was showtime…

Mice were released onto the stage and the brown python was instructed to begin the attack on the mice  but it did not want to… he started putting up a fight, it was so sad… he did not want to eat the mice… the foreign energy that was present then sent a force instructing the brown python to begin the attack or else… the albino comforted him and helped the brown python onto the stage… at this point I decided I had seen enough, and I woke myself up…

Just two days before the first presidential debate, the symbolism of this dream couldn’t have been easier for me interpret…

Having observed for sometime how media coverage is completely censored, respected journalism and the truth have separated, and what we perceive as “news” is actually just very expensive public relations stories bought and paid for by corporate advertizing and governments… having also observed how the American people have become the guinea pigs, the mice of mass experimentations currently being conducted in secret by the big pharmaceutical and biotech industries,  heavily funded and supported by our government from our taxes… I couldn’t help but feel the  truth behind the theory that the two party-Democratic-Republican-Red-Blue system was intricately designed to purposely pitt people against each other, to make people see differences rather than similarities, to distract people from the fact that we are ONE, and we all want freedom …

Appearing to be different, these two parties are of the exact same species, and they are not working for the people… whether it’s for special interest groups, Reptilians, or both- they are working for someone, something else…

Through life conditioning, programing, and ignorance, we stopped listening to ourselves, and instead began listening and following rules set in place by everything else outside of ourselves… through ignorance we have become mice, in an experiment, an agenda constructed by the international global elite, to keep us enslaved in this system, in this experiment…  only now something has changed… we have changed …  the  light of truth that is flowing through the internet has empowered us to know better, if we chose so…

These establishments and leaders only have the power that we give to them, and what worked on the political stage before, is not working now… the people are waking up… this is happening…

Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results …  as there are other candidates running… Jill Stein of the Green Party, Gary Johnson of the Libertarians, Ron Paul the Independent … I can’t help but feel that the age of insanity is coming to an end, and the time for real change is now… a change that’s not to be found in Red nor Blue, but a Rainbow … what do you think? 😉

~Peace, love, and light~

“No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.”
– Albert Einstein

8 thoughts on ““Do Not Wait for Leaders…

  1. Wonderful post!! So well said! It’s no more politics as usual because we ARE all Waking Up/Awakening! And the time for change IS now! I have felt changes are accelerating faster and faster as each day goes by. I do think after this upcoming election, we are going to witness big – HUGE – things happening in the world on so many levels – and I can’t wait!! Question: I think your post is so well-done and offers such needed, intelligent and positive ideas and energy, I would love to put this on my blog (with credit to your blog and you, of course!) Would you mind? Also, would you mind if I use the 2nd quote from Einstein for my Daily Inspiration tomorrow? (oh… on second thought, I guess I should ask Einstein for permission, huh?!) Much Love, Light and Joy to you!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for leaving your kind and positive thoughts, of course you can share this! I feel very honored that you asked 🙂 and I couldn’t agree with your more, I definitely feel that regardless of the outcome – following the election big, huge things will be happening … It’ll be important for us to keep our peace 😉 Thank you again for reading this, and for wanting to share, I hope this helps! Much love, light, and joy to you, Lezlianne.

  2. Really fascinating dream. I feel that you got a real message there … however I also feel that the rainbow is us. It is true what you say about the red-blue fight … all about separatism and the parties are all the same. All of the parties are not only the red and the blue.
    None of the other parties ..like Ron Paul or the others hold the key either … only we do.
    So I would say Do not vote … and that means not to vote for any of the candidates.
    Great blog … I bet it is crazy in America at the moment with all of the political madness… however maybe precisely because it is so crazy it may be a major cause of wake up for loads of people.
    Much Love

    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective Eileen, and I agree with you, I feel the rainbow is us more than anything else… However, this notion of self-rule still terrifies the majority of Americans as the majority of Americans actually believe this is a “free” nation … When the majority begins to realize the full extent to which we’ve been lied to, they will also realize that WE are the power in correcting this… this realization is happening and when it comes to full fruitition- team dark won’t know what hit em 😉 Thank you again for sharing your perspective, and for taking the time to read this. Much love and light to you.

  3. I hope you do not mind me also adding a link to your post. That dream was really interesting.
    Thanks once again for another wonderful post.

  4. I think you’re exactly right! I am amazed at what a vivid, meaningful, powerful dream life you have Ro, and what profound messages come through you…

    I am so grateful to be here, participating in this revolution/evolution – and I am so glad to be sharing the adventure with such beautiful souls as you 🙂

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