“Today is your Day…

“…Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” ~Dr. Seuss~

It was the third day of our four-day trip and my Angel had a telephone interview for the opportunity of a lifetime: a financial opportunity working directly for a member of the global elite. The position would entail traveling to some of the world’s most desirable destinations, and was something that would be much easier than the position he is currently in.

Feeling that my soul needs to return Zimbabwe, the place where I was born, I started dreaming ahead and told my Angel that it would be amazing if we could travel to Africa together, specifically Zimbabwe. Knowing that this was not on the list of places he would need to go to for this job, I gave my Angel his privacy, and waited outside in our Bell Rock backyard.

Within minutes my Angel began banging on the patio door for me to come back inside. Coming back in my Angel had the phone on speaker, and the interviewer began speaking of an aspect of the job which would require my Angel to travel to Zimbabwe.

This is too good to be true!” I thought.

It was…

According to the interviewer these members of the global elite manage and own the biggest game reserves on the planet. Under the guise of conservation, these men breed and protect exotic and endangered animals in exchange for permission from local authorities to then hunt and kill a certain percentage for fun and for profit. I almost threw up!

Considering my Angel was approached by these people just days before our departure to Sedona, the cosmic belly of the universe, and the particular timing of the first round of discussions, it suddenly it clicked, something I had suspected long before: Reptilians! There are no coincidences!

Googling the personal properties of this global elite billionaire,  it should come to no surprise that all of them were literally designed in the shape of illuminati/new world order symbols. My inner radar went ringing off the charts. Though I know better, my Angel views these legends as legends, so I silently began saying a prayer. I asked for protection and surrendered my trust to God’s plan that if it is meant to be, it will be, for everything happens for a reason – everything.

Patiently waiting in our room for Peter to arrive we were now going to do the hike my Angel wanted to do on our first day here – Castle Rock.

Like a sunbeam Peter arrived with such incredible, vibrant, incandescent energy. Giving him the tour of our beautiful room, a room that he will be staying in for one night only, coincidentally on my birthday, he told us that we were both so familiar to him, me more so than my Angel, but none-the-less we were familiar. I couldn’t have agreed with him more.

Meeting couch surfers from Canada and Costa Rica, Peter gallantly led the way, and we followed. Keeping an open mind to our new company, the Canadian told us about how his mother had had breast cancer, and wanted to heal through alternative methods. Following her call to Sedona, it was at Bell Rock where she coincidentally met a medicine man, a healer. This healer performed a ceremony on her during which, she felt the light inside her, removing the tumor and she was healed. Western doctors could not explain it, but she was in fact, 100% healed, it was like she never had cancer.

I have heard that there are a number of holistic and natural ways to cure cancer, however, because this threatens the existence of the multi-billion dollar American Pharmaceutical/Cancer industry, this information is not easily available to the masses. Cancer can be prevented through an organic, non-acidic diet, and can be cured not through chemotherapy, but through a number of non-toxic treatments that build the body up, as opposed to breaking it down. Suzanne Sommers is the most notorious example of having cured her breast cancer through alternative methods, where both she and her doctors received a nasty, negative backlash by the mainstream media and medical community.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing: the holistic healing of cancer is true. Cancer is curable, now!

Walking along the edge of Castle Rock towards its plateau, I began remembering… The last time I was here in some other lifetime,  I was inside the mountain with my Angel exploring tunnels of gold, trying not to disturb the history that was not ready to be disclosed. Our paths separated where I remained on the inside and my Angel was on the outside. From within the mountain I watched his footsteps through circular windows. When our two separate paths became one my Angel was packing up his work belongings to embark on another work adventure, only this time I saw what I had missed the first time: it was an adventure he was not yet offered, and there was another set of footsteps that was leading both of us!

Remembering a chat I had with my powerful healer friend from Peru who gave me a message from my guides that there was an older soul mate of mine whom I would find, one who keeps the time. Throughout all my lifetimes he has always been there to guide me and to help show me the way. Realizing that my dream world had become my reality, and this was the dream I had months before coming to Sedona, I realized that it was not my Angel’s footsteps I was following through the circular windows, but Peter’s. His soul and my soul are very old friends.

Continuing our hike, I felt a gust of wind come from one rock. Running up the hill to get a closer feel, crawling underneath the boulder, there it was: an entrance into another, underground world.

Peter went on to describe his beliefs pertaining to the holographic simulation of the human experience here on Earth that has been corrupted by a virus. He described this virus as having taken the form of manipulating and controlling mankind’s ability to operate and thrive on Earth using free will. The virus translates itself in the forms of all the horrible atrocities occurring to both man and the planet and includes the New World Order’s agenda of poisoning the water supply with fluoride; destroying the Earth with drilling and fracking; producing genetically engineered crops; polluting our sky’s with chemtrails; geo-engineering the weather causing extreme weather patterns and earthquakes;and the building of power structures that lead humanity away from their souls, instead of closer.

Losing myself in photography, I returned to hear Peter discussing the UFO phenomenon and one particular case in which the US military was listening in on the conversation of two Cuban pilots who were discussing a UFO they had just seen. The issue was not that there was a UFO but that the US had the technology to listen in on the conversation of the pilots.

When asked why many of the UFO documents have been withheld due to national security, Peter stated that this had nothing to do with national security, but all to do with the personal security of elected officials who are directly involved with these aliens and the technology/knowledge they are receiving from their involvement with these ET’s.

The creators of the simulation are attempting to fix this memetic virus, this cosmic bug. Because time is relative, what may seem like seconds in space is actually years here on Earth. We do not know how long it will take in space-time for the effects to be felt here on Earth, but it is happening. The virus is being neutralized; the simulation is being fixed. The creators are paving the way for the Golden Age to manifest itself.  It is only a matter of time…

Peter did something remarkable, he presented and talked about the spiritual and natural world in a way that my Angel could understand and relate to, thus opening his heart and mind in a way I simply could not. He showed both of us the magic of Sedona, which was really the magic that is within our own selves. It occurred to me that this trip wasn’t about me – it was about my Angel. I can’t describe how my heart ached saying goodbye to Peter. Hugging him I did not want to let go – my heart ached.

That night I lost time. I woke up at 2:21. Went back to bed at 2:28 and then woke up again at 1:38! And it wasn’t daylight savings time.

Leaving Sedona, I felt like a child who was being pulled off the playground while all her friends were still playing. I cried like a baby for 8 hours straight. I cried and cried and cried. My Angel, who is the complete opposite of myself, was not amused 😉

Comforting myself, I remembered how I felt leaving Peru for the first time when I knew I wasn’t ready to leave. There was sadness but it wasn’t like this…  However, just like it was then, was how it was now: a knowing that this was not the end, but the beginning.


“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
~Martin Luther King Jr.~

“Your mind, this globe of awareness, is a starry universe. When you push off with your foot, a thousand new roads become clear. ”

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