“Your Path is Illuminated by the Light…

“…Yet darkness lets the stars shine bright.” ~J.L.W. Brooks~

It was two weeks since our return from Sedona, and the night before we were to receive feedback from my Angel’s interview with Team Dark. Surprise, surprise, I had a dream 😉

My Angel and I were being watched, where our adventures were being rolled out on a movie screen, one after the other. There was something special about this union, we were incandescent. It was a radiant, blinding glow, the light of true love, and we were being watched everywhere we went by this intruding dark energy. It was creepy.

We came to our episodes in Sedona, where climbing a path of red rocks, I realized that we were being followed and chased by an iguana-like reptilian creature. Running away, the creature kept getting closer to us. Ordering my Angel to run ahead of me up the hill in front of us, I stopped and took out the rose quartz from my pocket and began throwing it at the iguana. Throwing one rose quartz, after another, the iguana finally stopped chasing us.

A darkness lurked, so we needed to keep moving. Traversing through various landscapes, we arrived in Peru, at a place that was similar to Lake Titicaca but wasn’t… the water was a deep beautiful blue, and there were a number of islands made out of reeds. We needed to reach the islands, and in order to do so we needed to swim through the water. Jumping in,  it was clean, and inviting.

Arriving to the first island, my Angel abruptly stopped and sat down, eyes glued to the water’s edge. Knowing that we needed to keep moving forward, I asked him why he had stopped, and he told me that he was waiting for something in the water. Confused as to what he was waiting for, I looked at the water and noticed that it had changed, significantly. It was no longer clean and inviting, but dark, and murky… My Angel looked up at the horizon behind me, and in that moment he wasn’t looking, was the moment I saw what he was waiting for…

A ginormous anaconda-like snake emerged from the water. There was nothing scary about it, in fact, this anaconda was playing!  It had just eaten something relatively small, which you could see the outline of on its belly, and it was doing water tricks as it glided past us. Doing one last flip before diving under, my Angel’s eyes returned back to the water missing the anaconda by a millisecond.

“How could you have missed that?!” I asked my Angel… “Missed what?” he asked in return, completely oblivious to the giant monster that had just surfaced. Knowing that my Angel has a  fear of snakes, he began taking off his shoes to jump in… as I told him that he wasn’t going to like what he was going to find, I woke up.

I did not understand the message of this vivid, powerful dream until I was at work and my Angel texted me to say that he had not yet heard from the interviewer, so he was going to contact them instead. Telling him that following an interview one usually waits to be contacted… for the next three days, my Angel continued to contact the interviewer with little to no response. When the interviewer did respond, he said that my Angel was still being considered, however, they were still assessing the other candidates.

Remembering the days of my many job interviews, I knew that this is code for : You didn’t fit the bill so we are looking for someone else who does. Suddenly it clicked. They were leading him on… in fact, it was almost like they were playing with him as they had already eaten, I mean, picked someone else… someone who was much smaller than him…

Just as I was debating in my head whether to tell my Angel about this dream so we could move on, my Angel was scrolling through Reddit, and decided to share with me an image which creeped him out. Interestingly enough, my Angel came across an image of a diver, in the Peruvian Amazon, taking a picture of a ginormous anaconda that had just eaten something and was sleeping at the bottom of the river… the timing of my thoughts together with my Angel stumbling on this “creepy image“… there are no coincidences.

The  key to dream interpretation is to learn and recognize your own internal spiritual language. This language is based on the meaning that one associates with symbols and actions. This is something that is personal, and unique to the dreamer. Often times when one has prophetic dreams about others, 90% of the time the dream is really showing us something about ourselves.

Water is one of the most powerful dream symbols, which to me represents an element of change, a body of motion or emotion. When we first entered the water it was unclear, clean, and beautiful, much like my Angels intentions when we first learned about this opportunity for change. As we moved through the water together, and emerged to see that the water had turned dark and murky, it occurred to me that this was very symbolic of the opportunity no longer being the same opportunity from when we first jumped in. Awareness, over time, brought the underlying darkness of the opportunity to light.

 I have also come to understand that my internal spiritual language translates reptilian energy into ginormous snakes 😉

Just like it was in my dream, my Angel, a rational intuitive, the divine masculine, my opposite, was unable to understand how I drew these connections. As the interviewer continued to tell my Angel he was still being considered for this job, my Angel could not see what I saw. Feeling that the message from my dream was loud and clear, it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that I learned my Angel did not get offered the job. They had decided to go with someone else with less experience, someone who was much smaller than him, so to speak.

My Angel was  terribly disappointed, however, I knew that he was too good for them, inside and out, and they knew it too.

 There is a saying that the will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you, and when God takes something away from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Despite my Angel’s disappointment, I felt a strong comfort in knowing that everything happens for a reason, everything.

 “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
~Carl Jung~

To read more on dream interpretation please see the Akashic Records: On Dream Interpretation

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3 thoughts on ““Your Path is Illuminated by the Light…

  1. I had the most vivid lucid dream the other night and I’m still trying to understand it. what if im not fully in tune with my spiritual language? how can I come to truly understand the message of my dream?

  2. I believe that dreams are a spiritual and powerful reflection of what is happening in our waking lives that for many people, is a way to look within ourselves to find the answers and discover the right direction in how to live our lives to our highest potential. Unless they are prophetic dreams (which in time only you will be able to asses which is prophetic and which is symbolic) most dreams are not to be taken literally.

    I have noticed that it is the vivid, lucid dreams, the ones that stick with you, which are the ones that we’re supposed to pay attention to the most. I believe the first step in dream interpretation is to identify the most important symbols from the dream, the elements that stand out the most, and then asses what those symbols mean to you. The second step is to then asses, how those symbols made you feel. It is the feeling of the dream, the symbols, that we are to pay attention to, as this is likely where the true meaning/message resides. The third step, is to then see if there is a correlation to the feelings/symbols from your dream to the feelings/events in your waking life.

    Keeping a dream journal is also very useful for not only remembering the dream, but also so you have a reference for the dream and the stage of your life that it occurred in. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I realized my dreams carried messages, and it has taken years for me to understand my internal spiritual language, I am still learning 🙂 And very often it is only in time that you will be granted the perspective on the meaning you were looking for, where it is only in time that your mind has had enough distance to grow and naturally form the clarity that was needed to understand the dreams message.

    The internet (google) is also an incredible tool in identifying symbols and their meanings, however, only YOU can assess which meaning is relevant and true to you. We are all different, so what may be true to me, may not be true to you. When reading different analysis on the internet- listen to your gut, your heart, to the Goosebumps, to the chilling warmth sensation that runs through your body, these are all signs that you are resonating with something that is true to you.

    Knowing oneself is the key. So spend time with yourself, meditate, eat healthy, exercise, and above all things love yourself, and be kind to yourself.

    I hope this helps!

  3. Wow! Thank you for this sharing – gave me goose bumps! It seems as each day goes by, the irrationality of explaining things away as “coincidence” becomes more obvious, doesn’t it? I find it awe-inspiring and exciting to see the examples in my life and others that synchronicity is fast becoming the norm, and recognizing that those are Moments of Knowing, rather than coincidence is very empowering. Also, seems to me so many people’s dreams now are ramping up at light-speed – the vividness and detail. I find some mornings that I just finished watching/starring in a major-length film… awakening with the Truth that I just saw new answers and direction for something I need at that time. Truly we are in times of embracing the Knowing that lives within us at every Moment and the answers that are so clearly apparent – or obvious at the water’s shore. : ) As I’ve said before, your posts are always moving to me, and I am so grateful for the sharings you offer.
    Sending you the vibration of Love, Light and encouragement as your exciting journey continues moving forward! Peace

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