“If You Do Not Change Direction…”

“…You may end up where you are heading.”

Following our return from Sedona, I had many powerful dreams.  The one I am writing about today happened towards the ends of March, where there were many elements that I was able to understood almost immediately, but there were many elements I have only come to understand now…

In my dream, my boss and I were driving in a hummer-like bus, on cruise control, speeding down a highway. Laying on a couch, gazing up at the blue sky above us, we were chatting away about all the things that make us happy. We were having the most wonderful time until it occurred to me that we had been driving for a while, we had to be approaching our destination, and no one was behind the wheel…

As I do not drive, I suggested to my boss that perhaps it was time for him to take control of the wheel. He immediately agreed and we both realized that we had in fact arrived at our destination, however, because of our speeding and lack of attention, we couldn’t control the vehicle, and we crashed. No one was hurt, but we had crashed none the less.

Emerging from the wrecked luxury bus, I saw that we were in red rock country. There was a bridge over a river, and a forest in the near distance that resembled the vaults and columns one would find in a medieval church, natures sanctuary… It was one of the most beautiful forests I had ever seen, I had to take a picture.

Crossing the bridge, I was now walking on soft red rock sand. The path towards the woods was narrow, and there was a biker who was frantically riding away from the woods. Allowing him to pass, I continued my walk up the red rock hill.  Arriving at the entrance to the sanctuary, there was a mesh canopy holding back the wild forest. Walking underneath the canopy, I felt a sharp sting on my leg, I had been bitten by some sort of bug and boy did it hurt, but I kept walking as the forest was calling, I had to take a picture!

Just as I had reached the halfway point, I heard the most precious, innocent sound that made me stop in my tracks… “Meow”

To my right was the cutest, fluffiest, most adorable white cat I had ever seen. Looking at me with the most loving eyes,  it said, ” You shouldn’t be going into the forest alone, it isn’t safe.”

I told the cat that I just wanted to take a picture, but if it wasn’t safe, I could just turn back. The cat then came up to me on its two legs and hugged me.  Taking my hand with its gentle white paw, it said,   “No. Come with me. I will go with you and protect you. They need to see your face.”

Not understanding how this enchanting, vaulted forest wasn’t safe (nor who “they” were),  I walked hand in hand with the cat towards the forests edge, stuck my head out from underneath the canopy, and showed my face to the woods.

Hearing my father calling my name behind me for assistance, I thanked the cat for protecting me, and I turned back round to be on my way.

Within two days of this dream, the symbolism couldn’t have been more obvious.

Within a couple of days of this dream, I learned that my boss had agreed to provide oversight on a  project that required leadership and direction. Working with a number of challenging egos and personalities, I did everything  in my ability to assist the team in organizing themselves and their work, however,  much like my dream, this was not my project to drive. From the beginning to the end, my boss did the exact opposite of what he was supposed to do. Instead of driving the project, he took time off  to do the things that make him happy, and much like my dream, this project turned into a complete crash. No one was hurt, no one lost their jobs, but it was crash none the less.

Having felt the reality of my dream surface over the next couple of weeks, I felt another, more intriguing, reality surface as well…

Animals in dreams are extremely powerful and helpful in allowing us  to gain further insight into ourselves and our psyche. Animals are communicators, so when they surface in our dreams and talk to us, it is our responsibility to discover the message they are trying to communicate to us.

I learned that cats in dreams are symbolic of feminine power and energy. They are the spiritual guardians to another world, and are the protectors of esoteric knowledge. To see a white cat (that isn’t yours in waking life)  is very symbolic, gesturing that the dreamer’s intuitive powers are growing to a heightened state of spiritual awareness.

I have now come to understand that the dreams which manifest within a matter of days,  are almost like tests, where I am being shown the result of the test, so that I may correct the way I think and behave, so that I may pass the test and move on to the next level.  In addition to being shown the people in my life who are here for me, the recurring dreams I have are almost like karma lessons, in the sense that they will keep on recurring, until I learn the lesson, and get it right. As this is Rowing Through Life, seldom do I get the lesson right 😉

Like the sting I encountered in my dream prior to meeting the white cat, there are a number of annoyances in my life which come between me and my spiritual path, however, this will not stop me… these annoyances, these obstacles, are a part of the path, as there is something to be learned from everything.  Due to the unfolding of recent events, I have now come to understand that this dream was symbolic for so much more, which I will be revisited in couple of more posts.

Stay tuned my friends, the journey continues. I know I don’t blog as often as I should, but I thank you with all my heart for continuing to read my blog when I do 🙂

~Peace, love, and light~

RTL_If  You Don't Change Direction

“March on. Do not tarry. To go forward
is to move toward perfection.
March on, and fear not the thorns,
or the sharp stones on life’s path.”
– Khalil Gibran


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