Nothing is Impossible

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

This past month, my dreams have been intense, deep, and I have had absolutely no recollection of where I have been, only the confusion of my return. Because of this, I feel so blessed to have soul friends in my life, who can see for me when I am unable to do so for myself, whose accounts they have  graciously given me permission to share.

My best friend from childhood has “special” dreams that pertain to her life at least once a month… Last month, she had a dream about me and my angel…

In this dream, I was asking her to join us in the new world we were creating… It was so beautiful, I really wanted her to be a part of it… My angel, on the other hand, said that this was not meant for anyone except us … and in doing so my friend left us for a moment, and like two birds from the same feather, she returned to find that we had transformed into Betta fish… My angel was red, while I was red,pink, with white highlights, and together we were swimming in an aquarium that really was an eternal blue-green-turquois ocean filled with coral…

Upon walking into this scene, she couldn’t believe that she didn’t want to be a part of it, but understood why she couldn’t be a part of it…  and because she couldn’t be a part of it, she  instead watched for as long as she could in complete awe, as we danced, and played in this beautiful world we created for ourselves…

The second dream came from a friend of a friend, whom upon meeting for the third time I immediately recognized her from a past life in Egypt. She was a priestesses, and I was a visitor. Down a narrow staircase along the slanted wall of a large chamber, through the darkness she walked towards me holding a light… I wasn’t welcomed, but she was concerned with the world’s “take-over” and destruction, just as she was now… Upon bonding immediately over our passion for antiquity (most specifically Egypt and Machu Picchu), she shared with me a reoccurring dream she has, that always picks up where it left off…

In her dreams, alien’s are here on Earth… they are everywhere, amongst us… and they keep coming… Not from space, but from some inter-dimensional gateway here on Earth… and they are pretending to be human… She was not one of them, and did not care to have anything to do with them, she just knew they were here and they keep coming… These aliens want to consume negative energy, and instill fear amongst the people in order to do what they want… it is through this fear they are permitted to  carry out an agenda that controls and  is destroying our world…  They have no control over her, she is not scared of them, but everyone else is…

Having just thoroughly described what I have been calling the conspiracy facts of the Reptilian Agenda… I could not help but feel the inner chills of truth that these reoccurring dreams are actually accounts of what is really happening in our world now.

Reptilian beings are described as originating from the Draco Constellation, and are considered low vibrating beings from a universe/dimension of darkness.  Said to be the masters of deception, via the properties found in gold, Reptilians have extremely long life-spans, possess the ability to shape-shift into human form, and can teleport.

As all beings survive and thrive off energy, Reptilians survive and thrive off negative energy, and have travelled through the universes, searching for a way to control and implement their agenda for global/galactic domination.

As Earth is considered the  “free zone” found at the end of the milky way galaxy,  all beings of light within our universe were invited to dabble and experiment in the creation of life. When the Reptilians discovered that Earth-evolved Reptilians (who were peaceful) were already present on Earth, they saw this as their opportunity to infiltrate the planet with Draconian Reptilians, who are a completely different breed.

A galactic battle over the planet occurred, and the forces of light were defeated…Earth was taken over by the Draconian Reptilians who destroyed the Earth-evolved Reptilians (survivors went underground), and in their place created a new hybrid population of Reptilian-human “slaves”, unaware of  their heritage, whom through fear and manipulation the Reptilian master-minds could control all the Earth and her resources, and ensure these hybrids would  never be allowed to “evolve” to their full potential.

This alien race is said to be traced to the “divine right to rule” blood lines directly connected to the international global elite, currently in power today, controlling and manipulating every aspect of life as we know it to be.

Throughout the night, memories of a life in Egypt came forward as if it all happened yesterday, and through the Dark, Light danced everywhere.

Thanking my angel for having created such a wonderful evening, when I hugged him in my state of oneness, I felt a force, almost like a cord, from behind my navel connecting us. By the time it came to sleeping, I dreamed and slept so deep that when I came back to consciousness, I knew I had been somewhere, but I was mostly just confused about my return. When my angel described what happened to him, my jaw dropped…

As he laid in bed and closed his eyes next to me (I was in an awkward, but reeeallly comfortable position),  a vortex emerged… and like Star Trek, he travelled forward at warp speed, through stars and space… he then arched upwards, and through a white light he emerged in a new place…

In what he described as vivid, colorful, and like a movie with different channels… he found himself in the woods, and felt odd because he immediately knew that this wasn’t his dream…

Still awake, he pulled his leg away from mine, and the channel began to fade out… when he placed his leg back next to mine- the channel resumed, and once again he travelled at warp speed, through the vortex, the stars, and back into the movie… He described  us looking for something in the woods, and everything was vivid, colorful, and really pretty…

Having felt that my angel can read my thoughts and feelings, and I his…  I have learned that when people share a spiritual connection, and when their souls are in consent, something very unique can happen, and its called dream walking

Dream walking is said to be when one enters into the dreams of another as if you were “channel surfing” in your sleep. Under the collective unconscious, it is possible for one to actually visit the dreams of another person- which is why it’s common that people build unconscious barriers protecting themselves from intruders, and especially intruders who wish to do harm… A dream walker is advised to not be rude- to first establish a connection, and then ask for permission to enter …

My mind continues to be blown away as a collective awakening unfolds everywhere I turn. The impossible suddenly becomes possible.This could quite possibly be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

The following day as I fell into a meditative state,  a beautiful, cool, warm, tingling green eye consumed my screen… and through the stars I flew directly into stillness…

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky. ” 

“Blossoming Invitation” by Simon Haiduk 

“Wanderer Awake” by Andrew Jones 
All artwork is from Solpurpose:

6 thoughts on “Nothing is Impossible

  1. Thank you for sharing something so personal and intimate with us. Something beautiful that we can all hope to dream ourselves.

  2. Special Dream Secret Keeper, you are the absolute cutest!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and for commenting… you are such a beautiful and divine source of love, compasssion and inspiration, something tells me that you have quite the dreams yourself 😉 Sending you sooooooo much love and a million hugs my lovely!!!

  3. Wonderful Rowena! As always your experiences are so beautiful and inspiring, and such excellent evidence of Oneness and Awakening…

    So glad that you have such love and light and support in your life.

    Peace be with you always!

    ~ Ben

  4. Thank you Ben 🙂 As soon as you start following your heart, and being exactly who you are, all the wrong people leave your life and all the right people come in, it is amaaazing!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement, I am sending you so much love, peace, and light!!!

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